Don't be like Peaky Blinders? Why? Why Peaky Blinders are so Popular; 2021? Season 6 Release Date?

Peaky Blinders, the characters that everyone wants to be in real life like the Walter White of Breaking Bad or Professor of Money heist, but these series' are so intense, deep, and unimaginable that the viewers only want to watch and forget as soon as possible. With the airing of first episode on 12th September 2013, Peaky Blinders show created strong effect on audience and the desire to become classic like Thomas Shelby but please don't be like it, here's the reasons, why?

1. Strong but Bad Characters

Yes, there's no doubt actors, directors, and writers played them great, but the characters we all love are actually bad if we find them in real life. These characters are loved because of their unpredictable nature and badass acting. Writers wrote strong characters with what everyone wants to become but aren't really acceptable in our society. So, there's a big No when it comes to accepting these characters in real life.

2. Bad Characters with Good Intentions


In reality, these characters are bad but with good intentions. Now, the audience gets confused whether to love them for what they actually want or hate them for what ways they adopt to get these intentions. The actors played a tremendous role and that's why it's being loved. Remember, no one is completely good. The good are the ones that are actually less bad.

3. Emotional Attachment

Audiences are emotionally attached when the characters don't achieve their good intentions but forget they all were doing bad, and when they die, people get emotionally attached for what they wanted. Good intentions with bad ways are actually bad in real life but people see it good on screen. The confusion created an emotional attachment with the characters .

4. Great dialogues

These series' have great dialogues and quotations that impact the mind of the audience in a blink, and people try to imitate such acts in real life, which is really a bad idea.

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Final Verdict!


Peaky Blinders and such series are great fiction to watch, enjoy and learn to know what we shouldn't do. Also, we all love Breaking Bad and we all accept it.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 launch date!


Recently a tweet was posted by the BBC but the trailer for the series hasn't come out yet. We will update the article as soon as we get the information. Till then, enjoy.