Professor or Berlin, Who will you choose? Money Heist Analysis | Season 5 Release Date |

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Netflix is one of the widest watch platform all over the world. Now a day, People are enjoying Netflix more than Television and YouTube. Neflix is popular because of its popular series like Dark, The Walking Dead, 13 reasons Why? The Rain and many movies but a Spanish series La casa de papel as know as Money Heist has bring storm all over the world. The thrill, slow  burn intense scenes,  best screenplay and twist & turns can make anyone mad to watch it at the edge of your seat. 

Money Heist comes with 4 seasons which has two robbery plans, first one in Royal Mint for printing hard cash and Second one in Bank of Spain for Gold. The mind boggling real act of Professor and Berlin has made millions of fan for both all over the world. People have sympathy for Nairobi's death and even for her child. In this article i will tell you best qualities of Professor and Berlin that can make you think and fall in love with both of them. 
In Money Heist, the character of professor is calm and show like a super minded person. People are falling in love with him because of his perfect planning for every event. It's like BanderProfessor first rule wasn't to create any personal relationship with any of the person while doing heist but he failed because he fell in love with Raquel Murillo and this wasn't planned by professor. Professor never wanted to have any death of any person in the heist. People can see how he got break emotionally when people die. 

Moreover Berlin was the leader of the heist in first two seasons and yes people have more sympathy for Berlin because he was hard and strict about rules and regulations. Because of him, the first heist got succeed. He had no emotional attachment with anyone till the end of heist. Unfortunately he got died. We can see professor wanted Berlin back in the end of Second season because he never wanted to lose anyone in the heist. Bella Ciao song sang by professor and Berlin on the last day of planning, made everyone mad for him. 

Professor made Berlin the leader because of his strict quality when he deals with the plan. We love both! But people never want to admit Berlin over professor! 

As people are waiting for season five of Money Heist, the sources say Netflix will release it at the end of year 2020 or the next year. I'm the biggest fan of Money Heist and Love all the characters. I think, no one can replace anyone in this series. We remember everyone for their brilliant act and Screenplay.