Opening door is not enough

“Doors are open for all, but very few are entering into” 

The biggest fault of our life is that we never focus on our suggestions, which we always give to others because we never underestimate ourselves. A fool is much smarter than a genius person till the genius thinks I am the genius and knows everything. This is totally all about perspective and a vision. 

An opening door is not really good enough, try to get enter into. Absolutely we have stunning thoughts always wandering in our mind, but how many of us implement our great thoughts in our real life? 

Good thoughts are not good enough to get good in your life; instead, best implementation in the real life is the best experience you would always get. It’s really strange to understand yourself than to understand others. If we try to find the complicated and simple thing in our life, then we must find ourselves and it totally depends on our own thoughts waiting to get implemented. If we accept our own decision and prove it simply, life becomes simple and if can’t, life becomes miserable. Problems and solutions are both at the same place and lie in our own mind, then why humans take decades to understand own self? 

The world full of lessons, deeds, opportunities, learning, growth, development, interaction and life lessons are already open, it totally depends on us how we try to get enter into. 

“Implement those thoughts and suggestions, which you always give to others for being best, and I bet you would not find the best suggestion in the world” 

Life is not the destination, death is the destination as life is a journey, it totally depends on you, whether to enjoy the journey and think about what you can do or what you can’t do, totally the matter of your powerful thoughts.


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