A Diary of Success ( Million Dollar Diary ): How to be successful!

”Have you ever thought you forget thousands of ideas and innovations just because you look around yourself, remind and then forget?”

We have lakhs of ideas wandering in our mind but we don’t research on it, all are useless and we miss the opportunity which could lift as in our life. 

We watch around our environment, observe and forget. There’s not the unique solution to note that ideas but to keep in our diary, the diary of success. I call it the diary of success because it can help you to take out the success from your subconscious mind. Always take your diary with yourself like we never forget to wear our clothes. I mean it’s much significant than anything else.

Keep this in mind, thoughts are not something that you are sitting at a hidden place and writing. You can bring out with thoughts when you walk around the environment and absorb the right thoughts.

The diary may be small or big, doesn’t matter, but it should be a thought book where you should write about the things you observe and check its viability.

I always keep three diaries in my bag. I can address these, my million dollar diaries. As I keep all my ideas which I observe in daily life. May be you can snatch my wallet but please leave my diaries. Please!

“We have unconscious thoughts in our mind. When we think 100% we only write 1% which should be best and precise.

“Don’t think if it looks weird when you carry your diaries in your hand. Someone may ask and try to read, but don’t worry we are here to serve the people we love or sometimes the people we hate”