Broken Yes: Don’t say yes to others while saying no to yourself!

Life is not as plain-sailing as we think. It has the habit to create hurdles in our path. Whenever we try to do something great, people will come and laugh at us. This is the universal law. Whenever we think, we can originate and do something exceptional in our life, people will laugh like mad. They will throw hard burning stones at us. Some may leave us in the middle of the road while a few will support us. True people will care for us. Life will judge our caliber to fight with our destiny because great deeds and success look simple from far but take much time to earn in our whole life.

But we should understand the principle of a beautiful mind & the art of saying no to the failure & people who never trust us, and to those who think we can’t do it. If you want to grow, be the beautiful mind with the art of saying no and move on. A Simple but deep rule, you should trust yourself. Think positive even in a negative time like to switch your mind. The way we think affects our success and failure. 

If we can’t trust ourselves then how can we expect it from others? It’s a matter to think above our average mind, the beautiful mind. If we lead the wrong people, they will bring us down. Be the broken yes, with the great art of saying no. Not everyone is genius to understand the depth of our minds. Be courageous enough to walk alone as rare achievements are appreciated not the ever-granted ones.

Don’t say yes to others while saying no to yourself. Our goal should be the first priority to get succeed in the long run. To be glad, one should attach himself to a goal to find the meaning of life.