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How to Write your Best Article in 15 Minutes |Blogger and WordPress Tips |

Do you suffer everyday to write articles for your Blogger and WordPress? 
Do you suffer to get less views on your Website and Blogger? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place for your answers. Writing is easy and tough job at the same time. If you do it well, you don't find it hard. Writing is an art of pouring your heart out and if people don't feel emotions on paper, you would fail. This article will not be too long but it's significance will say everything. You can write better article in just 15 minutes but you have to work on everything you love. The best practical tips i use, are as follows:

1. Write precisely. Your article should be to the point and doesn't contain any irrelevant facts or figures about something it doesn't need. 
2. Write about what you already know instead of doing research on your non keen areas. Learn to pour what you already have. It will save money, time and efforts. Don't write what you don't know about. 
3. Combine trending and what you know while writing an article. Like Money heist is trending all over the world, you can write an article about it if you have watched the series with your heart and mind. People will surely love your opinions about it. 
4. Don't rush otherwise you will lose people interest. Be calm and write what is necessary instead of writing anything over internet. Whatever you write will remain on internet forever. Be cautious and think what you are writing. 
5. Do you homework before writing an article like to know about some real truths. Make yourself reliable and trustworthy. People should know you are writing with your passion. Don't say lie on internet, people will troll you for sure. 
6. Stand uniquely when you write. Your writing can be simple but have capacity to influence someone. It's not about how good words you write but it's about how well you connect with people. 
7. Blogging is an significant source of income but if you look for money, you would fail. Create your aura and understand the algorithm how people are winning well in the world. Money earning is the bye product of your daily hardwork. 
8. Someday you write good articles but don't get enough page views on it. It can happen when you write something unique on the web first. Don't worry, it happens. Keep writing. People love unique ideas. 

9. The primary rule of writing article is to not stop writing everyday. Absorb, observe and write but don't forget to put right words at the right place. 
10. Make a diary for your ideas. Someday we get ideas but we forget after some time. Carry diary and plan what you will write the next day. Our brain alarms us well when we have preplanned task. That's our subconscious mind. 

Hope you enjoyed the article and now do your homework to write well for your website. 


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