20 Powerful Quotes that can make you think

When the whole book fails, a few words can change your life in a better way. Here’s some of the powerful quotes that can make you stop and think once in your life. These quotes are originally written by me.

1. The whole world is full of fools. People are playing little with their destiny and dying in this busy world.
2. Small winnings are the baits to get caught in the small games. Be the part of big games, where challenge is much smarter than you, which can bring out the best in you.
3. Doors are open for all but very few are entering into.
4. Silence is the music of God.
5. A crazy average mind is the real genius mind.
6. Stitch your heart and open your mind that's the only attribute I want people to remind.

7. There's a big difference between being busy and being productive.
8. Silence has consistency but words don't have.
9. Only the Ripple knows how much powerful the sea is.
10. If everyone agrees to your theory, 
You are ordinary.
If some people agree to your theory,
You are innovative.
If no one agrees to your theory,
You are either a fool or an extraordinary
but only time will tell your title.
11. The craziest people are wise personality, But before they called wise, they were crazy.
12. Start takes courage and we blame fear every time.
13. Your sun will rise when your sky appears blue.

14. A businessman is much busy and much free personality in the world.
15. The man who loses before playing the game is neither a player nor a loser.
16. I have my own fear, but that fear never scares me to move forward.
17. Once I cried when I had no money then I met a man who had much money but no life.
18. Don't play with time otherwise the time has so many games to play with you.
19. Life is a one time opportunity. Do something great, otherwise the die is certain.
20. There's nothing like destiny in this world. Its just the people psychology to make themselves satisfied.

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