The Universe of your Mind

An evidence of invincible God

When we born, we not only born with a supreme soul and a mortal body, but also with the universe of our mind, but there is something different between the universe created by this immortal God and our universe, yes, the creation.

We are born to create the universe of our mind to become genius in the world full of emotions and tears. Some people get indulge to create this external universe and forget to build their own universe, but the secret to become genius, mastermind, legendary, victorious and a peaceful soul lie in our internal universe i.e. the universe of your mind.


Not everyone is created by god, not everyone is created by own self, sometimes situations make us great and a realistic personality. We all are just a bundle of white papers and everyone is just scratching their thoughts on our innocent pages. But is it really happening or we are just making an illusion in our mind. Who control our thoughts? And how can we create a perfect person out of the universe of our mind. Everything is great and everything is dumb, the thing matter is our perspective, our thinking, our positivity and the significant thing, our way to look at yourself. If you think, you are dumb; no one can make you genius, if you think you are great, no one can make you dumb, this is the real psychology. No one can beat you, until you beat yourself.

Sometimes, I think I am the dumbest person among all. I don't even know how to make a girlfriend. I don't even know how to cook perfectly. Obviously, we are not machines, we are just human, yes we have super humans, but still we have dumb. What make us dumb and why the whole world is still struggling to become best and present own self as a perfect person? What is going in the universe of our mind? Don't hesitate to learn, everything around us is nurturing because of learning.

"Love your own decision, we have mind to create and take life decisions, so why wait for others. Take and move foreword is the best way to love the universe of your mind"

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