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Being Busy is not always Productive | 10 Wonderful Tips to think and make yourself productive |

10 Productivity tips that will help anyone to think beyond his capabilities: 1. If we want to learn from a mother, we should become her child and if we want to learn from the child, we should become his mother.  2.  You know why people fail because they use their right energy in the wrong place. They use their energy at the place where they can't even judge how much capability they have to accomplish the right tasks. People fail at the wrong tasks and get afraid to do the right tasks in life. Time has nothing to do with productivity. 3. The real risk of our life lies in our time span. We study for the whole life to get succeed. Everyone study but only a few get success in real. Why? Because our education system pushes all of us in a single field. We are pushed to do the work we don't even love. Why? If we tell engineers to solve tax problems, they will fall out. Being busy is not always a sign of productivity. Some people think in the bathroom while some don't e

33 Mind Boggling Typewriter Quotes and Poems penned by Deepak Gupta You should read

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How to Write your Best Article in 15 Minutes |Blogger and WordPress Tips |

Do you suffer everyday to write articles for your Blogger and WordPress?  Do you suffer to get less views on your Website and Blogger? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place for your answers. Writing is easy and tough job at the same time. If you do it well, you don't find it hard. Writing is an art of pouring your heart out and if people don't feel emotions on paper, you would fail. This article will not be too long but it's significance will say everything. You can write better article in just 15 minutes but you have to work on everything you love. The best practical tips i use, are as follows: 1. Write precisely. Your article should be to the point and doesn't contain any irrelevant facts or figures about something it doesn't need.  2. Write about what you already know instead of doing research on your non keen areas. Learn to pour what you already have. It will save money, time and efforts. Don't write what you don'

Professor or Berlin, Who will you choose? Money Heist Analysis | Season 5 Release Date |

Image Source: Youtube Netflix is one of the widest watch platform all over the world. Now a day, People are enjoying Netflix more than Television and YouTube. Neflix is popular because of its popular series like Dark, The Walking Dead, 13 reasons Why? The Rain and many movies but a Spanish series La casa de papel as know as Money Heist has bring storm all over the world. The thrill, slow  burn intense scenes,  best screenplay and twist & turns can make anyone mad to watch it at the edge of your seat.  Money Heist comes with 4 seasons which has two robbery plans, first one in Royal Mint for printing hard cash and Second one in Bank of Spain for Gold. The mind boggling real act of Professor and Berlin has made millions of fan for both all over the world. People have sympathy for Nairobi's death and even for her child. In this article i will tell you best qualities of Professor and Berlin that can make you think and fall in love with both of them.  In Money

20 Powerful Quotes that can make you think

When the whole book fails, a few words can change your life in a better way. Here’s some of the powerful quotes that can make you stop and think once in your life. These quotes are originally written by me. 1. The whole world is full of fools. People are playing little with their destiny and dying in this busy world. 2. Small winnings are the baits to get caught in the small games. Be the part of big games, where challenge is much smarter than you, which can bring out the best in you. 3. Doors are open for all but very few are entering into. 4. Silence is the music of God. 5. A crazy average mind is the real genius mind. 6. Stitch your heart and open your mind thats the only attribute I want people to remind. 7. Theres a big difference between being busy and being productive. 8. Silence has consistency but words dont have. 9. Only the Ripple knows how much powerful the sea is. 10. If everyone agrees to your theory,  You are ordinary. If so