She heals everything


"If you want to wander the whole beautiful universe, then wander in the warm fierce veins of her heart, you would slave there forever."

Perfect thought for alchemist "She"
~She wanted to change the hypocrisy thinking of the people.
~She wanted to change the scenario of the whole society.
~She wanted to terminate the agony in her own soul.
~She wanted to censure the discriminated thoughts of the whole world.

~ Love her, trust her and respect her. -Arvind Choudhary

~ A woman can bear anything up to the extent of her potential which can't be imaginable, can do for you which can't be imaginable but once she is done means, she is done, she will never be the same her again. So, treat her gently, love her fully, and respect her truly. If you give a woman to your 100%, she will give you 10000% in return. -Sania Bhalla

From the Author

S- She
H- Heals
E- Everything
Faith is the strong base of the relationship. Relationship never exists without trust, to continue relationship without trust is just a compromise.

"Relationship is the colourful rainbow of trust, love, pain, emotions, compassion, beautiful eyes and a perfect sharp sword of madness hold by both of them tightly"

"She would become the cacophony for the society, under which the society will become deaf one day"

"Don't try to judge her calibre, she is more innocent than nature but silently brutal for a cruel heart"

"She is responsible for everyone's life, but no one is ready to give her own life" this is the real hypocrisy of our double-faced society"

From the Inside Flap

She was not raped
"She was raped by the same society, which was wandering for her justice"
This is the biggest hypocrisy I have ever seen.
Why don't we understand this system?
Why are we failing each and every day to create a perfect clean society?
Why are we trying to change others?
"She was not raped; instead the society was raped for its hypocrisy and stereotypes"
We are only creating echoes, infant negative echoes in the society; the voice of her is still burning with the bright candles.
"We want change, but we resist to change"
This is the real problem of the society.
Change yourself instead of changing others. There is a need for mental revolution to create a new society which would safe for her to live peacefully.
"The society is only listening to the echoes of its voice, which has been creating each and every moment when we fight for her"
She would love the change
the change that can change the society
the change which would end the bad souls of the society
the change that will bring new sun to the horizon for her.

"She is still waiting"

"Change yourself is the best way to end this hypocrisy"

-A positive dynamism.

From the Back Cover

"She is knotty for an indigence heart, lechery for the rich men, irony for a selfish heart and mirth for an alchemist's heart"

"She is solitary in this crowded world, where no one is capable to listen to the heartbeat of her, thoughts of her, yelling voice of her"

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