About the Author

Deepak Gupta stands as a distinguished author renowned for his ability to craft accessible, meticulous, and pragmatic self-help literature. With an impressive extensive portfolio comprising over forty titles, his work transcends mere words, leaving a lasting mark on readers seeking guidance and inspiration, including the distinguished "10 Principles to Beat Failure," which not only secured the prestigious Google Best Choice 2018 award but also attained the status of a Top Seller on Google Play Store in 2019.

His lauded "30 Minutes Read & 10 Principles Series" has garnered widespread acclaim, amassing over 1 million readers worldwide and earning appreciation from diverse corners of the globe. Rooted in a philosophy of extracting and embodying exceptional content from his subconscious mind, Gupta's work delves into a numerous topic, ranging from social issues to inspirational truths, encapsulated in compelling short stories and heart-warming poetry. Also, he has garnered significant readership with his acclaimed books, notably including "10 Principles to Beat Failure," "The Rules of being Highly Productive," "10 Principles to Love Yourself," and "The Girl with No Dreams." Among these, "The Girl with No Dreams" stands out as a cherished fantasy short tale, appreciated for its captivating narrative and a uniquely twisted ending that has resonated deeply with readers.

The author's dedication to authenticity is reflected in his extensive travels across India, exploring locales such as Manali, Rajasthan, Goa, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu, Dalhousie, Mussoorie and more. These experiences infuse his work with a genuine and unique perspective, capturing the essence of diverse cultures and landscapes.

Deepak Gupta's academic journey includes earning a post-graduation degree from the prestigious Delhi School of Economics, underscoring the intellectual depth that permeates his literary creations.

Beyond the realm of literature, Gupta finds solace and inspiration in his exquisite terrace garden, a testament to his appreciation for beauty and serenity. Residing in Delhi, India, he shares his life with his family, embodying the principles he imparts in his writings.

As a prolific author, Deepak Gupta continues to release new books every month, with the aim of fostering a profound connection between readers and the universal truths that define the human experience. His professional acumen, coupled with a genuine passion for delivering life-enriching insights, make him distinguished.

You can get to know about him by typing the words ‘Author Deepak Gupta’ into Google. No, seriously, try it. 

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