Being Busy is not always Productive | 10 Wonderful Tips to think and make yourself productive |

10 Productivity tips that will help anyone to think beyond his capabilities:

1. If we want to learn from a mother, we should become her child and if we want to learn from the child, we should become his mother. 

2. You know why people fail because they use their right energy in the wrong place. They use their energy at the place where they can't even judge how much capability they have to accomplish the right tasks. People fail at the wrong tasks and get afraid to do the right tasks in life. Time has nothing to do with productivity.

3. The real risk of our life lies in our time span. We study for the whole life to get succeed. Everyone study but only a few get success in real. Why? Because our education system pushes all of us in a single field. We are pushed to do the work we don't even love. Why? If we tell engineers to solve tax problems, they will fall out. Being busy is not always a sign of productivity. Some people think in the bathroom while some don't even work at the work place. We choose what we have to do, not what is necessary.

4. We are not tired; we are just at the wrong place, trying to dig out some productivity. Nothing works there. Education is significant but learning in life is a new experience.

5. Everyone has a role to do. No one can replace anyone. We are allowed to appreciate everyone to contribute their valuable productivity in this world. Businesses and jobs both are art if these tasks go with the right person. No one would ever tell us to do productive tasks in the long run. We all are fascinated by money, not the position. If someone is earning from that profession, then I can also earn, no that attitude is wrong. He is earning well because he had chosen the field that increases his productivity. Your choice is your real implementation of time. Choose your work than to run behind money all the time. Money is the by-product of passion.

6. ‘Life is not the coin. It has lessons with numbers on the dice. Every time we throw it, we learn something different and new. It depends on us how we use it better in our life.’  
Confucius said, our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

7. Money increases with time but productivity should increase exponentially with the time. Start your day with recognition. We may get fail in the future or may face some contingency then what would we really do in that situation.

8. If you really want to make anything work in your life, start value the progress before someone can do it for you.

9. Our morning productivity is high when we have sound sleep at night but how we use our mind well in that time period, makes our whole day.

10. A wrong scenario is wandering around people that people remind us for money. No, life doesn't work like that. People like us for what we do, not about how much we earn. 

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