Transformative Insights: Unveiling Life-Changing Quotes from Author Deepak Gupta's Latest Book - Live Your Dream Life As You Want

Sir Ludwig Wittgenstein said, 'the real question of life after death isn't whether or not it exists, but even if it does what problem this really solves.'

Does life assuredly have any logic? Needless to say, yes, because if life is a logical sequence, then we can definitely think about it clearly & deeply to perceive the extreme details to live it with great intensity. Humans have been learning life lessons for ages but is the learning enough to experience an exceptional life? We feel when time is passed; nothing is left and then we experience the guilt of not having more time when we realise, we had to live life with great intensity when we were learning & chasing the life lessons but what we were really doing; attached, crying and mourning over the things, events and people. Remember, you can think great but great thinking doesn't change the absolute truth. We can push truth a little ahead but can't entirely disappear it from our lives forever.

Do you want the best life or the life you heartily want? Most people are confused on what they really want! Why I'm saying this is because your dream life is hidden in what you really seek, not in what is best. Do you want to understand where your dream life is hidden? Is really something missing in our lives? Suppose we are on the death bed and are taking the last breaths of our lives, what would we really care? Do you know, what people are scared of death? How You Can Actually Accept your Life! Do we really need to have a lot of money to become peaceful? Can only money give us the best pleasure in this world? What if we realise this fast and live our lives as we actually dream of? How to Discover the Absolute Truth! Will you ever get your time back even after the realization? Are you really happy with what you are doing even if you are getting billions from it? Will you choose it for your last day? Will the satisfaction hit us the same when we reach the place we want to be? Are you living your life on your own terms without hurting anyone? How you can fulfil yourself as a True Soul. How Often do You Love Yourself? How much you are truly living for your own soul. What's the cost of peace? What's the cost of being kind? What's the cost of being in love? How to find the universal or absolute truth for life.

What is your dream life exactly? Ask yourself! What are your end desires? The body knows intelligence and satisfaction but the soul understands energy, emotions, truth and vibes. What you are ignoring or healing temporarily today, will surely attack you tomorrow with more intensity and pain.

What if I say, if you constantly seek nothing and undertake what is right, you can get your dream life soon. Nothing is far behind and nothing is too ahead. We all are on our time. There's no race.

If you don't love climbing, you will fall soon from the edges. Extreme failures can be accepted in the work you truly worship.

Unveiling Life-Changing Quotes from Author Deepak Gupta's Latest Book - Live Your Dream Life As You Want