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Who are you?

Most of the people waste their half of time chasing their fake dreams, pretending to be theirs. If you don’t know who are you then you will never be able to know what will you become? If you are pushing yourself towards your goal or dreams then it would be the dreams which don’t belong to you because if these were your dreams, you would never need the force to push towards them. If you are still feeling like you have not achieved anything in your life even after getting so many degrees in your hand, then you may get offend while reading this book because I will always say that you are in rat race. You are the part of crowd whose footsteps are there for microseconds and everyone is trying to make theirs, leave nothing but the anonymous sand. You are not what you do in friends but you are the one which you do alone. We discard and underestimate ourselves each and every time.


  1. Just read ur one short book about productivity..that's awesome


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