Wild Wife

The Biggest Launch

   #1 Bestselling Author of She.

 Wild Wife: Poetry and Prose

Sometimes few words and honest silence heal us as the bright sun does in the morning and snow white moon at night.

Live under her hairs,

feel her heart,

crawls on her belly,

drawn out the wilderness,

love her attention,

party hard with her,

make eye contact with her,

adore her everyday,

appreciate her clothes,

help to build her empire,

beat the dance with her,

laugh loud with her,

understand her silence,

reflect her soul,

tighten her hairs,

make coffee for her,

live the dark nights

and she will be your

wild wife.

Wild wife is the collection of over hundred poetries and prose which depicts the warm blend of love, hate, grief, freedom, wildness, struggle, beautiful hearts, bright sun, peaceful moon, sparkling stars, dark nights, wish and perfect & imperfect feelings of wild girls. 

Each and every illustration is designed with beautiful art which hold a sense of meaning and perfect feeling of beautiful art.

Want to read few wild poetry?

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